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areaRT is a business that pays particular attention to the personal touch - We like to talk to our customers wherever possible, something we feel that is a little lost in these days of e-mail and instant Internet messaging!

The company has been running for 19 years - Starting from a small office in the heart of Snowdonia we now have... a medium/small office in the heart of Snowdonia...This is all we need. We really are a family business, this enables us to be selective with which projects to take on - Applying to AreArt for a web site design is no guarantee that we will take on the project! We will always look at each site proposal on it's merits, giving the customer our honest opinion as to their needs and in the end whether a customer requires just an advert rather than an expensive set up.

The Process

When we receive a proposal, our first job is to research the competition that the prospective customer will be up against - This is an in depth study that not only looks at the actual rival sites but also how they are found through search engines - How long have they been in existence and most importantly the real chances of getting the proposed site on to the first page of results from a search engine.

The next task is to talk to the customer - find out how they perceive their business as an on-line entity. We are always keen to draw out information from a customer that makes their site personal to their business needs - We find that many sites we encounter are written in the standard 'business' spiel - which also makes those sites very 'clinical' and 'uninviting'.

It is essential to make an instant good impression in the world of Internet business & commerce!

Have you gained an Internet presence?

At least Four out of ten buyers (and increasing) now use the Internet as a means either purchase goods or look for services etc. By having your advert (web site/page) available on the Internet, the prospective tourist/customer has knowledge of your existence before they even go on holiday or purchase goods, a sure head start in the competitive tourist/retail industries!

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